What Are Hybrid Automotives?

The vehicles that use two power sources in conjunction with one another are called hybrid automotives or hybrid vehicles. The history of hybrid power technology is very old. It dates back to the time when diesel electric submarines were first used.The idea is quite simple, use two power sources to increase the overall efficiency.
Now the question arises that why it was needed. The answer is simple, it was realized that an average person would not be able to afford gasoline in the near future. CO2 emissions will also increase similarly an average person does not require a V8, he/she just needs enough power to reach his destination in time. A V8 as well as a small vehicle can accomplish this. So the hybrid vehicle was introduced.How it works?The hybrid vehicle works by using electric as well as gasoline power. Diesel electric vehicles are also there but there numbers are quite low. The hybrid vehicle works by using electric power when the requirement for engine power is low for example when starting the vehicle and up to the speed of 30-40 mph as the electric source cannot run a vehicle by itself.What is the basic idea behind Hybrid automotives?The basic idea is to use a smaller lightweight engine to run a vehicle up to a required speed and when the car has to accelerate then the electric source can add some extra power to gain more speed. As a 1.0 liter engine can also move at 75 mph just like a V8 although the V8 has more acceleration power so why waste fuel on a muscle car when a 1.0-liter vehicle can work for you.Types of Gasoline Hybrid VehiclesThere are two main types of gasoline hybrid vehicles: parallel hybrid car and series hybrid car. The series hybrid car uses the gasoline engine to turn a generator that can either charge the batteries or run an electric motor whereas the parallel hybrid car can combine the two power sources to give more power or the same amount of power but with a better mileage.Body Structure of Hybrid VehiclesNow the question arises how the hybrid vehicle can deliver these types of performances when they have such a small engine. They do so by using lightweight materials like carbon fiber composites, low-rolling resistance tires and advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag. The hybrids can even turn the gasoline engine off when not needed such as when stopping at traffic lights. Some vehicles even use the electric power to gain a speed of 30 to 40 KM/h. Some vehicles also use regenerative braking. By this method when breaks are applied, the car decreases the speed by cutting some amount of power. This power is then used by the generator to generate electric power that can be stored for later use.The price of these vehicles start from 23000$ and they reach up to 54000$. There are some hybrid SUVs are also available in the market.

Types of Automotive Fluids That No Vehicle Can Go Without

A vehicle can only be in good working condition if it maintains all its necessary automotive fluids that all cars and trucks require. Several systems within a car require and rely on certain fluids to keep them operating smoothly; such as the engine, brake system, power steering system, and the transmission. Regular scheduled maintenance is vital for all cars and trucks, and fluid re-fills are one of the most important parts of factory service. Continue reading to learn about the various automotive fluids your vehicle requires and the valuable purposes they serve.Motor OilMotor oil is one of the basic, primary fluids that all vehicle’s need to operate safely, or at all. Motor oil is intended to lubricate the moving parts inside a car engine’s crankcase. Without it, an engine will quickly overheat, causing the vehicle to break down. This is because all the moving parts within a car engine creates friction, which produces heat. The lubrication reduces this friction, which in return, prevents overheating. Motor oil protects an engine’s pistons, valves, and all its other moving parts. It is possible to change the oil on your own, but the procedure is much easier facilitated by a professional mechanic with the proper training, equipment, and tools. They offer this service for a very reasonable and affordable price. Have your oil changed every 6 months or 5,000 miles, more or less depending on how much you drive.Brake FluidThe ability to stop a vehicle is just as important as the ability to make it go. Just like motor oil, brake fluid is also one of the most important fluids for any vehicle. A car’s brake system uses hydraulic pressure to make a vehicle come to a stop. When a brake pedal is pushed, the brake line system compresses the brake fluid, which then allows the hydraulic force to be transferred to the brake pads and rotors where the friction is made that stops a vehicle. If there is a leak in this system, or no brake fluid at all, a vehicle loses its capacity to stop upon request. Brake fluid must be re-filled on a regular basis. The general rule is to have your vehicle inspected for all fluid changes and replacements, as well as other factory services, every 3 to 6 months depending on how much you drive and the age of the car or truck.Anti-FreezeAnti-freeze, also called coolant, is extremely important for your car or truck. It is a heat-transfer liquid that prevents a motor from overheating. It does this by cycling through an engine and collecting heat as it flows; and then returns the collected heat to the radiator, which is then filtered and released through the exhaust and muffler. A car is not operational if it over-heats. Operating a car without coolant can cause irreversible damages to the engine and other parts of the vehicle, as well as, put passengers and drivers in danger. Adding anti-freeze to your engine is simple and can be done on your own. Simply locate the radiator cap, unscrew, and our in store-bought pre-mixed coolant. Be sure to have your car’s radiator flushed annually by a professional mechanic.Here are some additional important, and often times overlooked, automotive fluids that all vehicles require for safe and smooth operation:- Transmission Fluid- Power Steering Fluid- Battery Fluid- Windshield Wiper Fluid- Differential Fluid- Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid- Manual Transmission Fluid- Transfer Case Fluid (4WD Vehicles)

Automotive and Diesel Online Career Training Opportunities

When looking to pursue a career in automotive and diesel you can enroll in an accredited online school or college to gain the education necessary to enter into the field. Not all courses and training can be completed online in this area, but you can complete the basic coursework and finish hands on training through a vocational learning program. There are a number of specialized areas for you to choose from when pursuing an automotive and diesel career. You have the opportunity to choose from various online certificate and degree programs. Studies can be complete at your own leisure from just about anywhere.There are a variety of professions in this field, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your interest and career goals. You can choose to obtain a career as an:Auto Mechanic
Motorcycle Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic
…and a number of other professions. Training for these careers will require you to complete an accredited online educational training program. Studies can be completed at the:
Associate Degree…levels of education. By choosing to gain an accredited online education in automotive and diesel you will be able to gain the training you need for a successful career.The coursework and training that must be completed will depend on the level of education and specific career area desired. You can learn a number of skills by enrolling in a career education training program online. Coursework may consist of studying subjects such as:Transmissions
General Maintenance
Computerized Testing Equipment
…and other courses. Students will also study coursework that is more specific to their desired degree and career. This may include:Motorcycle Repair
Diesel Engines
Gasoline Engines
Heating and Air Conditioning
Jacks and Hoists…and many other relevant subjects. When you choose to obtain an accredited online certificate or degree in this field you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to pursue a successful career.Training for a career in automotive and diesel will open a world of opportunities for you.Gaining an accredited online education will allow you to learn what it takes to provide maintenance on various automotives.
You will receive the education you need to succeed based on your career goals.
Training will allow you to continue current employment while learning a new skill. Research online programs today to learn more about accredited educational training in this field.Accreditation is the proof a school or college needs to ensure that you will gain the quality education you deserve. There are numerous agencies like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence ( http://www.ase.com/ ) that are approved to fully accredited online career preparation programs. Schools and colleges that offer accredited learning can be found by researching your desired career and level of education. You can request more information by contacting the online automotive and diesel program that fits your individual needs and goals today..DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.